Miss Understood.

Miss Understood loved flowers.  In fact, on any given day you could find her in the garden, tending to her purple roses.   Most of the neighborhood ridiculed and hated Miss Understood, throwing garbage in her yard and bottles through her window. Nevertheless, she would clean up everyday paying no mind to those that didn’t seem to see the world through her purple glasses.  

She never ventured out past her gates.  She never sought friendship beside her roses. She never bothered a soul, but the sheer fact that she was content with being herself, away from the light and dabbling in the dark, brought ridicule to her door.  Could it be it was her favorite color purple that scared those dwellers? All her flowers were purple. She only wore purple dresses. How odd?  

On a somber day, dwellers noticed but did not whisper, nobody had tended to her purple roses, which now withered in such sorrowful sadness that the skies darkened and rained for days, crying tears of solemn despair for the loss of their Miss Understood, who only wanted to bring some joy to the world in the form of her purple madness.  Some say they still see her, standing at her door, welcoming those that dare to enter her withered purple palace.  

I have no comment about this story.  But. I hear it is true.

Truth-Guiliana w/Roots-Elvira  *NEW
Pekka-Kathya V2 Eyes-Purple
MG-Eyelashes-Assorted Mesh
MG- Kizzy Gypsy Hoops-Silver
MG-Giselle Opal-Medium-Black
The Secret Store and Nyu – Fall Babydoll Dress – Iris  *NEW
Slink-Mesh Hands-Elagant
Izzes-Tights-Floral Lace
Gos-Equestrian Boot-Black
Lara Hurley-Snow White-Smokey Eyes
IKON- Kaleido Eyes – Night

Poses: Focus Poses & Everglow


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