a girl goes shopping and….

Pose-Focus Poses-Model 76-3

I pronounce thee day “Do Nothing Day.”  I mean that is what I basically did all today, which I will sorely hate myself for doing tomorrow, but today, today I am completely in heaven doing nothing.  I shopped in SL today.  I took note of some releases, past and present, and I decided to just meander.  On my journey I found four new items to show you.

A while back The Secret Store released these over-sized comfy sweaters.  Anything that looks remotely comfortable and stylish will win me over.  The sweater is a classic.  It fits superbly and makes me feel like a J-Crew model.  Win. Win.

I stopped at The Dressing Room to pick up the always fabulous jewelry of LaGyo.  Her stuff just makes me smile.  It will make you smile too.  Those earrings are awesomness and at a discount.  What is there not to like? They are the perfecct height and width, so that they don’t dig into your clothes.

Burley also had a new release. I decided to showcase the shorter hairdo of three. I needed something to show of those beautiful earrings.  I loved the hairstyle.  I had some fuss over fitting it to my head, but that is more of a me issue.  I guess.  I think I have an odd shaped head.   I have really, really been liking on Burley Hair recently.  I just can’t seem to get enough.

Finally, I saved my big purchase last.  I got the new Gos boots.  I am featuring the ankle boot.  For the past few weeks I have been fussing with ankle jeans and shoes.  Gos has solved your problems.  He has made a shoe that you can fit to your outfit.  I mean it was pretty simple. Wear and click.  I was able to fit these boots to my mesh jeans in seconds.  AND. AND.  They are  by Gos, so they are perfectly made.  I love him. Well, love is strong, but he has seriously made my life so much easier, and I love people who simplify my life.

So, there you have it folks.  I purchased many, many other items on my trip out today, but this was the outfit that felt like ME today.


Candy Nail-PO55-French Pink
The Secret Store-Oversized Sweater-French Roast
Foppish-Ankle Crop Skinny-Dark Blue
Gos-Hunter Ankle Boot-Hazel
the Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise eyes-Pale Arabian Blue



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