I’m assuming my audience is mostly made up of other bloggers, so I have to ask a question.  Do you ever edit one picture, and then just want to forget about the rest?  For example, I really liked my first photo, but the only reason I decided to make a snowy picture was to highlight the free jacket I’m wearing, but of course, the picture I like, well you can’t see the jacket, so conundrum.  I gotta take some more photos.  Of course, I could keep it simple, but I don’t.  I decide I am going to add more snow, and I am going to try out using slow motion animations, and then my teeth look so weird, so I gotta fix those.  Ugh.  Seriously.  One photo.  Why do you have to be so time-consuming?  Then, you hop on Flickr and realize that somebody made this beautiful photo and in the description field they say…oh this is just a 15 minute edit. Really?  I wish I could do a 15 minute edit and my pictures look amazing!  Heck, I wish I could find a pose I like  or a pair of earrings I like in 15 minutes. I am just going to ignore those people who come up with those huge wonderful set designs.  How much time does that take?


So basically, can ya’ll stop being so freakin talented?

Kidding aside, my jacket is free and it comes by group gift from Foppish.  I am sure it has been highlighted numerous times, but I just loved it.  I ended up getting a couple of other things at Foppish as well.  I also hit up the Knitting Circle Rummage Sale.  Woot for sales!


Grixdale-Dryer Fuzz-Scoop-Muted  Knitting Circle Rummage Sale!
Atomic-I ❤ Plaid – Black   Knitting Circle Rummage Sale!
h.m.a.e.m. – my three skulls jewelry
Maitreya- Mesh Jazz Boots-Black
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
Synthetique- Medium Fierce Nails
Foppish-Wooly Gown Coat-Skulls-Group Gift *Free
Severed Garden-Priska Hair
the Skinnery-Mirte-Casual Makeup-Toffee
Pink Fuel-Kumi-Matte Lips-Bordeaux-Teeth


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