Happy Birthday Mr. Truth Hawks.

Kaelyn Alecto made a gift for Mr. Hawk’s real life birthday that was quite remarkable. You can view the Flickr present here.  She asked those of us on Plurk that didn’t get a chance to be in the photos to make our own blogpost, so I did!  

Truth. I often try to get analytical about names in Second Life, so when I see the name Truth Hawks, my brow raises.  I know. You know. Who HE is.  At least we know as much about him as he wants to be known.

I have never been to Truth Hair without a crowd.  We meander to and fro comepletely separated but enticed by the wonderful designs he creates.  He is a constant, a staple, a solid reminder of what success can look like, and how that success should be handled. He hardly ever participates in events, but his name is never too far from thought or admiration.  His home is that of the noob and the experienced, the known and not-so-known.  It took me all of a week after rezzing to find Truth Hair, and it is an odd week since if I don’t visit at least once.

Happy Birthday Truth Hawks.  I wish you an extraordinary day.  Thank you for making me beautiful everyday!

You can find Truth Hair on Marketplace or Inworld.

Rebel Hope-Heidi Dress-Pink Flambe @FaMESHed
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue


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