52 Weeks of Color…a Tyrian Purple story.

How you doin’?   I was kinda fading on inspiration when plurk decided to karaoke.  I am not kidding.  The people I listened to were freakin’  faboulous.  So, in homage, I decided to get my lighter out and go down in a blaze of glory.  I mean if I can’t sing, what else am I to do?   Pretend.   Right!?

Five few things of note, besides the side boob, would be:

1) Go shop at Collabor88. You can purchase that top, from R2, there.

2) There is a 50% off sale at Bilo. And, you can purchase these wonderful Bilo capris @ FaMESHed right now.

3) That skin, from the Skinnery,  is kinda amazing and you can find it at The Dressing Room.

4)  Like my shoes….Leverocci.

5)  My sexy waves of hair are from DeLa.

Oh, you wanna be a karaoke rockstar too?  By all means, try out the set by Purple Poses. Be a rock-star! If you can sing,  join plurk and show off your vocal ability.


DeLa-Lori-Blonde 5
Bilo-Nimrit Capr-Ash
Je Suis-Turquoise Ring
Leverocci-Cadenza Wedge-Eggplant
Mayfly-Eyes-Rainshower Shadow
The Skinnery-Emma-Midnight-Honey
Purple Poses-Guitar-08


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