I can be a star.

With Bilo’s and Wasabi Pill’s Vintage Fair items, everyone can be a star.   I adored how Bilo’s dress hugged my curves.  I am one sophisticated and lovely lady.  The lace texturing on the upper shirt is fabulous and Bilo always makes great pencil skirts.  The two items are made separately, so you can mix and match them to different outfits.  How ’bout that!!?  I added some drop earrings from  Maxi Gossamer at Vintage Fair, who is quickly filling up my invy with tons of wonderful jewelry.

On another note, I played around with depth of field inworld for a bit of a change.  So frustrating it doesn’t work properly when you take large shots, but the effects really do make images pop!

Classic Sim


Retro Sim


Wasabi Pills-Veronica Hair-Rye @ VF Chic
Bilo-Betty Blouse-Blue @ VF Retro
Bilo-Donna Skirt-Blue @ VF Retro
MG-Lydia-Silver @ VF Classic
MG-Eyelashes-Groomed & Party
SLink-Barefeet @ VF Classic
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey @ VF Classic
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Poses-Captivity Co. Theatre Prop
and D.Luxx- Sugar Smack @ VF Retro


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