Dancing Like She’s Never Danced Before.

I was all set to show off some vintage, beautifully done, dresses when along came a glorious headband and bracelet set from Izzie’s.  AND.  The set was free.  I had to just stop and let the inner 80s child in me play!  The hair, from LoQ, is probably my favorite so far.  Once I had my clothes set, I found some true-to-the-80s poses from Posies.  I am in heaven.  I feel like doing a Buns of Steel video and watching Flashdance! Oh, what a feeling!

Visit the Vintage Fair-Retro Sim to pick up your 80s gear!


Izzie’s-Metallic Leggings (Magenta) @VF Retro
Izzie’s-80s Headband & Bangles *Free Gift @VF Retro
Urbana-Zina Top (Night) @ VF Retro
LoQ Hair-Margarita (Pale Blonde) @VF Classic
BLK 2.0-Magnetized Sneakers (Black)
JeSyLiLO-Scarlett (Light Skin)
IKON- Sunrise Eyes (Pale Arabian Blue)


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