Filling up my mind with thoughts of you

I am tapping my fingers waiting, waiting, waiting for Vintage Fair to open, so I decided to just put together an outfit of things that I never had a chance to blog on my hiatus and also play around with windlights and poses.  I believe most of the items were from the Curio One Voice event which has come and gone.

Lila Quander reminded me in her recent blog post to download Gogo’s windlights settings.  She released them a while back, but I just now got to play around with them. I used Gogo Hearts SL.  Yep, they even come with cute little names.  So clever.  I stopped by Neva River to adjust my skies, as recommended by both Lila and Gogo since they were only made for the studio.  Really a beautiful set of windlights.  Thanks!

All of this adjusting and playing around would have been a complete pain, but (and I forget who or what directed me to it) I discovered a really neat photography tool developed for Firestorm users.  You can view and download it here.  It alters your interface to make access to photography tools very simple.  You don’t have to continually open the advanced menu to correct items.  For a noob like me, it was very insightful to see some of the choices I didn’t even know I had!  The tools can be a bit clunky for some, but so far it has appealed to me.  I can’t believe I missed out on this when it was released!


LouLou&Co: Necklace Nora: Black
Vika: Brat Boots
Vika: Mesh Nails (Black Heart)
Ducknipple: Mesh T-Shirt Dress (Hot Pink)
Mayfly: Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Deep Ice)
Maxi Gossamer: Eyelashes (Groomed and Party)
LeLutka: Versage Hair (Blonde Fun)
Essences: Waldorf Studded Denim Vest
JeSyLiLo: Scarlett (Light Skin)

Poses: Wetcat-TTB & Couture Ace, Everglow # 61


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