On Vacation.

Pose: Everglow 461

As I stated a while back, I will be out of town throughout the month of July.  I get to travel to Manhattan for the next four weeks.  Although I am excited, I feel a bit stressed and have been packing forever, but I wanted to do one final posting before I board my plane tomorrow!   While I will more than likely have Internet access while I am in NYC, I am not sure how much posting or shopping I will be able to do in SL because I really want to take advantage of my trip!

Oh, and FYI: Here is your taxi to Mayfair for some new awesome brought to you be Celoe and Mon Tissu!


Celoe-Aelia Wedges (Nutbar)
My Ugly Dorothy-Highlighter (30%)
My Ugly Dorothy-Lovely Line5
AA (Atelier AM­)-Feather Earrings (Light Brown)
AA-Ball Bracelet (Pink)
Truth-Roma w/Roots-Cocoa
Mon Tissu-Seaside Sundress (Peach Sorbet)
My Ugly Dorothy-Edie 01 (Saddle)
Ikon-‘Sunrise’ Eyes (Pale Arabian Blue)
To one Lounge-Clutch bag (Peach)
Rug-Y’s House
Kitchen Set: Lisp-Vine “Vite” Bistro Kitchen


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