Pose by Fluke Cover 8

I have been meaning to do a black and white picture forever.  The Aura Grimm corset gave me cause to do one!   I tried and tried to make this work as an outfit and not just lingerie, but I just couldn’t find anything I liked to pair with it, so I just gave up and wore it as lingerie.   The Grimm Corset is available at the Fairy Tales 2012 event.

Yesterday afternoon, I also bought this wonderful hair from DeLa.  I had seen them mentioned on Plurk a few times and on a few other blogs, but just now got to demoing their hair.  One of their most recent releases, Shell, really just made me ooo and ahhh.   It is so pretty!   I can’t wait to see more and more hair from DeLa.


Aura- Grimm – Corset (Poppy)
DeLa- Mesh Hair “Shell” (Brown 2)
Blacklace- Erielle Black & Pink Sequins Panty
Pekka- Eyeliner #5
Candy Nail- #FP006 (Clear Glitter French Pink)
Glow Studio- Lashes Italia (Sweet)
Deetalez- Skin Gitana No.2 (Early Summer)
Ikon- ‘Sunrise’ Eyes (Pale Arabian Blue)
Bed-Art Dummy
House: L2 Studio Beach View House


One thought on “Thirst

  1. What I like: B&W is such a wonderful medium. The sense of modesty is just proof you don’t have to let it all hang out. The brocade on the corset adds great texture, the organic element of the bed shape is really interesting, and the shape. You really nailed the proportions.

    What I don’t like: Is that there is only one shot. 😦

    Artistic and beautiful!

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