52 Weeks of Color: Pistachio

Pose: Label Motion-Blair Pose 3

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Kind. Wonderful audience.  I present to you my 52 weeks of color outfit in Pistachio.   I didn’t sneeze folks…that really was the color for this week.  The good news about bright colors is they make you appear tanner than you really are.  Try it.   If you put on any color in the neon family, you will be at least three shades darker.  I am actually a freckled-faced, pale, redhead in this photo, but you would never know.

Kidding aside,  Maitreya put out some new releases this week.   Do I really need to gush over it? Fine, I will.  Amazing. Spectacular.  More?  Glorious.  That work?  Really. Just go demo it all. You will find something you like.  I went for one reason-that hat.

I was dead set on not going to Maitreya.  I knew I would love it all, so I tried avoidance, but then Teefy put out this “must have” cute babydoll dress, and I thought that hat would work great with it.  And of course, taking me to Maitreya is like going to Target–I end up getting way more than I intended–see purse above–and I will go back for more (I won’t lie to myself).

Moral to this story: Go to Teefy and go to Maitreya and enjoy your new purchases!


Chaisuki- lashes 54
Candy Nail-#FP006 (Clear Glitter French Pink)
Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses (brown lenses) (mesh)
Maitreya- Mesh Shopper (Lima)
Maitreya- Siobhan (Mesh) – Caramel
Slink- Shaz Platform (Black Denim)
Tee*fy- Baby Doll Dress Kelly Greenwithout Strap S
Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – Spring Breeze
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue


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