Air Dry. for Luna’s 52 Weeks of Color: Deep Pink

Air Dry.

Oh what?! It is week 20 in Luna Jubilee’s Color Challenge?  Hmmm, well isn’t that a conundrum.  I had no idea.   Well, I guess I should stop this painting and go shopping for an outfit.  Wait.  I think-I think this just might work.  Phew, that was way tooooo close.

Fellow Plurkster and Color Challenge member,  Kaiden Diavolo, recommended roaming Culture Shock for inspiration.  So, I did.  There, I found a one-piece by Ninia that I found quite suitable for Deep Pink.  It is quite fun don’t you think?! Okay, so maybe the stool fits the color better, but nevertheless, another Color Challenge accepted and completed! You can find Ninia at Culture Shock along with other fabulous designers! …Back to painting.  Be. The. Painting.


Ninia- Neon Pink
Chaisuki-Lashes 54
Pekka- FLAVOUR Lipstick (Naturals 1)
Magika- Electricity
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Rainshower Shadow, w4)
Pixel Mode- Baby T’s Plain (Black)
Illusory Skin- Love Milk @ Culture Shock 2012

NuTec- Rainbow Paint Spatter Wall Art
Atelier Kreslo- Daydream Stool (hot pink) created by Gala Charron of Art Dummy! and Elle Kirshner of Pulling Strings.


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