So, Pueblo makes me feel all relaxed and comfy.  Not sure why.  I just got this image of me loungin about.   Pueblo is yet another color from Luna Jubilee’s  52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

Please go get this hair from Shag. I am not going to bother with telling you that it is awesome.  I won’t tell you that it is just as cute or sexy or whatever you want it to be.  I am not going to tell you that it is absolutely perfection.  Nope.  Not going to tell you those things.  You will just have to demo it yourself at Culture Shock.   I hope my sarcasm there is apparent.  Just in case, I luvvvv luvvv this hair!

Cajsa Lilliehook informed the plurkies on her timeline of a new and very photo-friendly location called Neva River. You must go.  There are tons of little islands with little, hmmm, exhibits that could all be considered artwork.  Of course, I found my comfy chair and just soaked in the view while the sun declined over the horizon.


Tres Blah- Juju Jeans (Worn Out)
Alterego- Chill pill (Grey)
Pekka- Eyeliner w/ Red Eyeshadow
Pekka- Star (Red)
Chaisuki- lashes 54 & lashes 03
Mayfly- Deep Sky
Synthetique-  Ultimate French Series
Pumpkin- Unbuttoned Cardigan
Shag- Coco (Mocha)
Magenta- Aracae Necklace
Filthy- Melody (Tan . 01)


11 thoughts on “Pueblo.

  1. Love the shadows and the warm lighting, I’m extremely amused by your hair praise and the necklace gives a nice nod to the name of the colour. Wonderful job!

  2. Aw I found that place in Honoour McMillain’s blog but I haven’t been yet, went to another instead!
    And you do look totally lounging and relaxed – but you need to let your hair down! LOL
    Very cute

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