I guess there is some sort of debate about sculpted versus mesh–or at least whether to delete all sculpted items from your inventory.  Mesh is awesome and beautiful when done well, but I still think sculpted pieces have their place, especially when they are also done well. I shop for what is pretty and speaks to me. I look for well-crafted, but also innovative and creative pieces, mesh AND sculpted.  Today, I will show you an example of an excellent sculpted piece by Jack Spoon available at Culture Shock.

Pose: Delmay-Soul Statue

The back, the pattern, the flowing skirt added to the middle made this dress stand out to me.  It is unique.  I still love dresses that flow and the mixture of sculpted pieces with added flowing pieces appeals to me.  I like how they look in photos too, and really that is what I do on a blog–Make an attempt at taking a great picture.  This dress helps me do that.  It is beautiful piece.

I am not sure what the future of sculpted pieces will be for us. Jack Spoon clothing is always very affordable and this dress was very inexpensive.  I do see sculpted pieces decreasing in price, which will probably fuel more people to learn and transfer over to mesh items.    I don’t think sculpted pieces are going to totally disappear (not for awhile), but I also don’t think I will be deleted all of them from my inventory any time soon–maybe some, but not everything.  Mesh is still young, and it still has its own issues.   While I like what has been made, I see a similarity in most mesh items because designers are still pushing the limits of what they can do with it.  Also, I could  just as easily delete some of the mesh items I have purchased.  The advancements in mesh has been astounding over the last few months.

I don’t think I accomplished much in that rant–more like just put my two cents into the discussion.  What are your thoughts on the future of fashion in Second Life?  If you have no comment, then at least make sure to support fashion and charity at Culture Shock 2012.  You can get this dress, my hair, from Shag, and those earrings, from Handverk.   All beautiful items awaiting your purchase.


Jack Spoon – Joicee Dream Edition (Purple) @ Culture Shock
Pekka- Eyeliner w/ Pink Eyeshadow
Chaisuki- lashes 54 and 03
Mayfly- Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Rainshower Shadow)
Handverk-Bauhaus Face Earring (Silver) @ Culture Shock
Shag- Cherie (Kitten) @ Culture Shock
Filthy-Melody (Tan . 01)


2 thoughts on “Ascending.

  1. I agrees with u about mesh vs sculpties. Im still a bit disapppoint with mesh but as u say advancing technique is improving mesh a lot. BTW I like ur use of the water in yur pics very neat.

  2. Loved this post and I agree with you! Each one has its place. I like that with mesh clothing, there’s no more sitting down, and having the sculpt going through you, lol. At the same time, not everything needs to be in mesh. It really depends on the item. P.s. I also came here from the ffosl feed 🙂

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