Strands of a Former Life

Pose: !bang-stand 267*

Pose: !bang- Stand 269

So last night, I was a bit obsessed with my new poses.  I had just gotten some discount items at Stuff in Stock and I was trying to figure out how I would use my new Pose Fair purchases with my new items.  I was determined to show you some of !bang’s poses.   For those of you who don’t know, !bang is the Pose store owned by the 52 Weeks of Color founder: Luna Jubilee.   What I like about Luna’s packaging of poses is the variety.   You get a variety of options in one fatpack.   I will usually just buy her fatpacks because of that.  I know I am getting one arm up, a hand up to the face, a knee up, or an arm outstretched.  The seemingly tiny options have enormous impact.  For example above in the second photo, my body was blending into the mountain with my arm down, so I was able to use a different pose in the pack and put my body in the foreground, tilted slightly away towards the focus of my camera. If you want to check another fatpack I like a lot try Overdramatica (one of my favorites)–I hope it is still there!

Another option that some may not now about is Animare.  I use it a decent amount.  I really liked how the shoulders in the pose Stand 267 in the first picture came forward, however, my earring was stuck in my shoulder.  I simply put on my Animare Hud, clicked the head in the Hud, and turned my head until my earring was not in my shoulder.  I don’t do this usually for photos that are at a distance, but if I am highlighting jewelry or doing a close-up, why wouldn’t I want to show off that purchase?  I assume that poses were made to show off items.   This allows me to use a pose I really like, but still highlight another item I am blogging.  It is also great to move arms out of your clothes!

Lastly, I realized only after taking this photo how ginormous by boobs are in the first picture (don’t ask me how).  I realized I put on my wrong cleavage option-lol.  #SL Problems. That large is not really me, but I am sure someone might like it!


-tb- Juju Jeans – Black
***Chaisuki*** lashes 56
“”D!va”” Hair “Senri2” (Type A)(Onyx) *NEW Item
***Chaisuki*** lashes 34
+:+WTG+:+ **The SUN 2012** necklace(ch) @ Stuff in Stock
..:: Legal Insanity ::. top punk it M *NEW Item
Desert Shoes Unisex R *Tea Time* SS @ Stuff in Stock
Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_BurgundyManicure
[bellballs] Threaded Drop Earrings- Sundown
[Crash Republic] Cross Wristband @ Stuff in Stock
*League* Jen Medium GlamGoth (Cleavage E–these are so big! lol)
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Blue (M)


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