Leap of Faith.

Pose: flowey: I follow rivers.

I finally managed to walk around Pose Fair 2012!  Woot.   After a few days of constant crashes, I didn’t think it was ever going to happen.  For all those bloggers or wanna be bloggers the biggest advice I can give you is: find the RIGHT pose.   I love the Pose Fair because there are soooo many pose stores that have good content, but I never remember names or I forget or I have never heard of them.  Poses also don’t get the love in the credits like clothing and skin items.  I will admit it.  I shuffle through my huds quickly, taking snaps without marking which pose.

While at the Pose fair, I re-connected with flowey.  I remembered early on finding some poses from them I really liked.  It could be the titles of the poses–I love cool titles (yes, I am a sucker).  But, I also loved how the poses told stories–like built in inspiration.   The pose that set me on my mission this round was called: I follow rivers.   Seriously.  I heart that title.  So much umph in it.   Then, an idea was born.  Most of my ideas don’t see the light of day–this idea was: Find water lilies and take a snapshot, highlighting my new outfit from Jane and jewelry from Dark Mouse, hopping from lily pad to lily pad.   Okay, I told you…I get ideas, lol.    I just never can quite make it happen in SL.  I still don’t know all the tips and tricks to making my ideas happen in SL.  It can be really frustrating–you should see the amount of photos I have that never get published!

My adventure begins–I tp’d to so many places before I almost gave up on my idea.  I could not find water lilies anywhere.  But, I tried my last resource: Koin-up.  Wouldn’t you know it–one of the first pictures is of Waterlilies–or something that would at least work!  I never moved so fast.  And above is what I came up with–pretty close to my idea, so I was satisfied.     Below you will find an additional pose I liked from flowey called “all this love”.   I got a few others as well!   It will be a sad day when Pose Fair ends.

Pose: flowey-all this love.


***Chaisuki*** lashes 56
***Chaisuki*** lashes 34
::Exile:: Nomi:Swiss
Dark Mouse Fresh Earring (Left)
Dark Mouse Fresh Earring (Right)
Dark Mouse Fresh Spring – Necklace (Chest)
JANE – every day shorts.raven (S)
JANE – fufu tutu.pine (S)
Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_VividPlain
SLink Jolie Pied v2.0.1 High Bare L
*League* Jen Medium Feline
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Blue (M)

Location: Precious Orchid Island


5 thoughts on “Leap of Faith.

  1. Thank you for wonderful post! You put big smile on my face! ❤

    Ps. I'm gonna focus on poses now and hope to release more reguraly so please check my picks for my mainstore location 🙂

    1. Um…double designer love in one day! OMG. I remember loving a set of poses when I first started blogging–they were for a season hunt–I loved your titles then..and now: The pose was “in your frozen heart”. I went to your store hoping to find more poses, but you didn’t have many at the time. I look forward to more poses–and those awesome titles to match in the future. I will for sure check back!

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