Bedroom Play

I should be planning my outift for 52 weeks.  I did go out shopping for 52 weeks, but in my quest stumbled upon a discount event:  Stuff in Stock.  I don’t know how I missed it on Plurk and Flickr and through the numerous notices and feeds–oh wait, maybe I am just receiving too much information, and missing some good stuff in the process, but anyways, it has been going on for months.  I do think I paid more attention to all my normal outlets because the items offered this round are striking pieces (at least that is what I am telling myself–I have no idea what they offered in the past).  This round the theme is vintage (another reason I tuned in–I love vintage stuff). It seems that most items are 90L and below–in the as close to perfect without being a freebie zone.   Tell all your friends that aren’t rolling in the dough that this event have some really awesome items (mesh included) and it won’t break the bank.    Now that it is on my radar, I will be going back again!

*Hair and Make-up @ Stuff in Stock Event


Paperbag – O’Hare Bodypiece @ Stuff in Stock


MISS C. / STEFANI for Stuff in Stock ( 6 Colours ) Brown @ Stuff in Stock

[EY:NO] Dressed Stone Rings@ Stuff in Stock

.Pekka. PAULINE Make Up@ Stuff in Stock

MONS [Wild] / Bangle (white) 2’s

*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -metallic-


[*Art Dummy!] wooden antlers and faux fur. (bed)


:[MudHoney]: Designs – Ashley Bedroom Table

[noctis] Gift Lamp Whimsy Mardi Gras



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