I Saved a Horse with No Name

I think I might have found the ugliest rockinghorse ever, but I felt the need to save him.  Who knows how long that thing has been in Second Life.   I call him the horse with no name.  While ugly, he is quite loyal and accompanied myself on a wild trip into a deep, dark scary forest.  Not really.  We pleasantly hung out on my platform together. I bought the horse with no name because everything needs a home.

My review of the items–I love–heart, want to kiss that hair.  I love–heart, want to kiss that skirt.  The accessories just make me giggle–no reason.  I just think they are so much fun!  They are well made too.  I bought the bandeau top to match the skirt, but I am really glad I found one from Elymode–it is perfect!  The horse with no name is not the prettiest of horses, but he just cracks me up.  Oh, and he plays music too.  I was actually looking for a rockinghorse (this wasn’t what I had in mind–I swear), but the poor thing just looked so desperate.  Sigh.  I am a sucker.

Hair-Shag *New

Skin-Al Vulo *Newish

Skirt-Milk Motion TDR Blue *Newish

Top- Elymode

Horse-[H]orribaubles – All The Pretty Horsies RockingHorse  (This store had some realllllly odd stuff).

Accessories-Teefy for Epoch


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