Epoch. Milk Motion. Exile.

Exile released new hair today.  This hair looks great with shadows on. It looks amazing without shadows on.  Above, you will notice some bits and pieces are missing from the hair.  I will continue to wait for the fix–we should be able to see all parts of SL (especially the ones we pay for) with or without shadows. Right?

I paired the hair with the Milk Motion outfit from Epoch.  The outfit is sleek. I loved the concept of the dress–the flared skirt, matched with the bustier.  I love that this dress can be vintage or modern depending on your mood.  Maybe I was wearing the wrong size or something, but it seemed like the alpha was so low on the skirt that even in normal poses there was a gap and this caused a space between my leg and the bottom have of the skirt.  I will have to look at the feeds to see if I am doing something wrong.  It only was apparent in certain poses.  With or without that one aspect, I loved the dress.  I can’t wait for more mesh from Milk Motion.


(Milk Motion) high waist white skirt and black bustier
[PF] Elly <Honey> Doll Gloss (Blush)
the body co. Orchid (03 Light) – eyeshadow (ocean)
::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris:Beach
Eyelashes -20- DiamondDust *REDGRAVE*
Donna Flora PASQUALINA necklace
[Love Soul] Prim nails*Clown-BLACK*MED
the body co. Orchid (03 Light) – blonde hair
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Blue (ML)


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