Festival of Sin Part 1. Calm before the Storm.

The Festival of Sin is in full effect.  I have to say wow.  I loved what I have seen so far.  The design and concept for the event is perfect–seriously RubyStarlight Writer did a fab job.  I even got chuckles upon entering, seeing all these ladies come in scripted, and slowly having to dwindle down to just the bare necessities.  FYI–There is a scripted gate–so you will have to remove all HUDs, scripted hair and/or shoes, etc.  I thought this was brilliant. You will also need to be age-verified to enter, as it is on an Adult sim.  But, let me emphasize that I have loved wondering around this event.   You can expect the usual lag, but what event on this level doesn’t have that, but I was able to pan around fairly easily, and walk slowly from one store to the next.  The details in the scene really set the mood for your experience, and that really is what RubyStarlight has done for us–right down to thinking about what Windlight to use.

The outfit by Snatch is beautiful.   I felt sexy and ready to please, or…?   If you haven’t, you really should go and buy yourself the Ingenue heals.  They are mesh, and brilliantly crafted.  I really don’t have many red shoes, so this pair was a welcomed addition.  You can check out the Festival of Sin Blog to see excellent pictures of items at the event or you can go to the Seraphim site for their listing of all items.


Outift-Snatch @ Festival of Sin

Heals-Ingenue @ Festival of Sin

Hair-Truth Maya

Skin-BodyCo. Orchid

Lips-Pink Fuel Elly


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