I Want Sex and Candy

I actually thought this dress was quite sweet.  It is much more pink in person–fyi.  Interlude story time–I was trying to find a necklace for this dress, so I went to Yummy. Why? I just really like her stuff–it isn’t too formal and it is fun.   So, I enter store and I see the creator of Yummy and another designer (to not be named).   They were so nice. Can I repeat that? Nice Nice Nice.  The said other creator gave me a skirt to try–they were working on mesh items.  They asked me my thoughts on mesh. They were so nice. I guess the designer took a hit from a blogger and took it hard.  It made me think of how much work goes into what we wear whether we like it or not, and how gentle we have to be as bloggers with our review.     On a side note, I love that song by Marcy’s Playground (whoops misspelled that the first go around).


Dress-Ohmarie @ Juicy Crush on You event

Necklace- Yummy



*I heavily gimpified my arm in this photo because it wasn’t in the right spot. *The more you know*


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