“I’m Your Baby Tonight”

I have been shopping. I mean serious shopping.  So many events.  I went to the Juicy event, Crush on You,  the Back to Black event, and I also had time to purchase my new Truth Hair.  🙂  I have been around the world and aye aye,  aye, I can’t find my baby…whoa, song interlude by accident.  The dress is sculpted so doesn’t give all the movement that it could, but it is very cute, and matched my tights I got at the Crush on You event.  There were tons of cute items at the Crush on You event.  I think I am just on a tights kick.  I seem to buy them where-ever I am.

Truth has gone mesh.  You don’t see it in this blog post because I have reached my limit of braided mesh hair for the month, so I opted for the adorable up-do-more versatile–can dress it up and down, and I can wear it with earrings.

Back to Black is a fabulous event.  It is fashion for a great cause.  Find out more about the Back to Black at the Chic Management site.  I have to say–wow on content.  There are so many items.  The area rezzed fine for me, and my shopping experience was great! It could have been an unnamed Pixel Prom that allowed me to shop–I heard it crashed the sim.  I thought about going–I did. But I suck, so decided to make out with my boyfriend instead.  Judge me.

Oh, and I have shadows.  I also don’t know how to take a picture anymore.  I like the additional options, but there are so many glitches in the system.  Now, I understand what all those plurks about lines and alphas are about.  It is driving me absolutely insane.

On a side note, Whitney Houston passed away.   When I was thirteen, my sister’s best friend stopped by to talk to her.  I did not know this at all.  He was hot. Very. Hot. Older. A SENIOR!   I was singing into an imaginary microphone, eyes closed, rockin it out to “I’m your Baby Tonight.”  When I opened my eyes and saw him, I fell as hard as I could to the floor.  He politely (trying not to laugh) asked if my sister was home.  I didn’t move.  I was the carpet.  I dug into that orange carpet, hoping to disappear.  “No, she is not here,” I mumbled, face planted into the ground.  I will always remember that moment and always remember that song.  May your soul finally be at rest Whitney.

*gets out microphone*

From the moment I saw you
I went outta my mind
Though I never believed in, love at first sight
But you got a magic
That I just can’t explain
Well you got a, you got a way that you make me feel
I can do, I can do anything for you baby
I’ll be down for you baby
Lay all my cards out tonight
Just call on me baby
I’ll be there in a hurry
It’s your move, so baby
Baby decide!…

Peace and Love,



::{u.f.o}::spread black ink
R2 “Hoku”
** [ Riddle ] ** I Heart You Tights
MONS / Makeups – lipgloss (strawberry)
.phresh. Forever Necklace
/artilleri/ Make A Wish necklace
>TRUTH< Vicky – walnut
[DDL] To The Left (Necklace) Earring (R) 1
[LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur/touch me
MONS Back to Black Skin
** [ Riddle ] ** Multi Tone Eyes – Green #2


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