A breather…

I love this hair–so much I just wanna where it everywhere.  I know it is a few weeks old, but I was busy, so shhhhh. It is the mesh hair called Yippie from Lelutka.  I also stopped by Bonnie Chance (BBC) and got a new dress because, well I had never been before, and I found it on Blogging Second Life.  If you haven’t seen this site, then you must go.  I guess I could put my information in there, but seeing as I rarely post, I feel I would just clutter space.  The dress is very cute and went perfectly with the Pink Fuel Elly Skinline.  So on to my personal commentary….

The second perk of being a teacher is the little vacays I get throughout the year (the main one being in the summer–no lie, it is nice).  Although I usually work still, time slows down, and I can finely breath.  I actually make real dinners instead of throwing something in the microwave, I clean clean rather than “pick up”,  I enjoy outings with my family rather than five minute phone calls, and I actually watch tv without a load of papers next to me (eyeballin’ me).    Whether I like it or not, I also reflect about how I will use my time better once the train starts running again, but then I disgress back to my original being–the “I-am-just-getting-by” self.

In between these moments, I still log onto Second Life.  My crusade to document my fashion adventures “through a sheet of clouds” has not been a focus.  I usually enjoy looking at flickr and blog photos, and finding deals and steals on plurk and feeds which leads me to buying something else.  Sometimes I take pics and post them to my flickr–just to put the time spent somewhere, but most often I just wonder around.  As I said previously, I hopped into blogging within weeks of starting SL, I had no idea where this would lead, but now I realize there is no hurry.  My photography I think is improving, but now I do it more for my own enjoyment than for an audience.  I edit a bit here and there because I like doing it, and I am making a bit of an improvement, but I just play around.  Sometimes I go back and cringe.  Sometimes I learn something new and realize what I have been doing wrong.  Sometimes I have no idea what I am doing.

Being busy, I rarely have the chance to play Second Life, or comment on plurk, but I am still there, albeit quietly as usual.


Skin: Pink Fuel Elly in Honey

Hair: Lelutka Yippie Mesh

Dress: : ) BCC. Vanilla dress Pink by vitamingirl


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