Set me free–41 of 52 Weeks: Jazzberry

I really adore when people use little props in their photos–it seems to bring movement into a picture.  However,  I am an itsy bit scared of them because I can hardly manage to get my little avatar looking tip-top, so add in a few butterflies, and the whole photo can quickly head south, but miraculously it wasn’t too bad–not adding much in originality, but I think it ended up looking pretty good (if I may say so)!  I have been attempting Photoshop a little bit here and there, so sorry for completely overdoing it in a few places, but you have to start somewhere. 😉 My top is from the always impressive store, Peqe. Oh ruffles–you are so cute!  My skin and jeans are from Grixdale—they are having a closing sale (which is a shame for me, but I am glad to see someone making a decision  for themselves to be happy–and her store Aura will remain open as a creative outlet). If you are smart, you will head to Grixdale  before the end of this blog post or you can continue to stick around because you are curious.  I am feeling long-winded today.   My darling butterflies are from Lauria Poses, and I combined them with a Delmay Pose. When I put this outfit together, I was looking for some tousled medium length blonde hair, and would you know it–the Letluka gods sent out a notecard for their new hair–and would you know it–tousled medium length blonde hair–talk about “have-to-blog-it” moment.

Sending you happy thoughts.


Top: Peqe

Jeans: Grixdale

Skin: Grixdale

Butterflies: Lauria Poses

Pose: Delmay

Hair: Lelutka Moss

Bracelet: Zaara

Ring: Donna Flora

*I am getting really lazy at details lately…but rather than log wrong information, I will come back tomorrow after my beauty sleep to fix the vague credits.  But, I remembered all that without even being logged into Second Life–that makes me special…right?!


5 thoughts on “Set me free–41 of 52 Weeks: Jazzberry

  1. I am amazed. You all do such creative things. That would make a great profile pic cropped. So much creativity. Well done.

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