Be original.

I hope you find irony in my title-only hoping.

Oh goodness!?  Well, there is absolutely nothing really original about my composition, but I thought the hair and dress were pretty–actually gorgeous, exquisite, and the hair was named…Brigitte. So, Brigitte Bardot?  Okay, for those that still don’t get it: I was attempting to re-create her above. /Points above.  Not really the most original of ideas, but I just wanted to be pretty.

*enter RL talk, proceed to credits if you want*

Lately, I have been knee deep in preparing myself for another year of high school–as in, I am the English teacher–no judging.  Ah-hem, I said no judging.  Only yesterday, I dug through my desk, sorted, organized, and filled three trash cans (I mean recycle bins…maybe) with stuff.  Folks, I have a problem: I hoard paper.

I am scared to death that I might throw something away I may one day need.  Good news for you–I will probably always have an item because I never throw anything away.  Bad news for you–I will probably never find it.  So in an effort to start the year fresh, I purged.  I would catch myself re-reading essays written from three years ago, and then I would have to do the whole inner monologue. Stop reading this…throw it away…you haven’t used this as an example in three years, but-but it is good. I will just put it in the maybe pile. 

/Sigh.  Srsly.  I told you I dumped three trash cans of stuff, so just imagine what my “keeper” pile and my “maybe” piled looked like.  Mountain.  Volcano. Skyscraper.  I think all I did was disorganize, then re-organize.

Oh well, so when I came home, I just felt like being pretty, and that is the story behind “Be original”.


.lelutka Brigitte *new release
Evie’s Closet Melisande Dress *new release
Skin: Grixdale
Fashism Eyes
Kyoot-Cateye Make-up


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