52 weeks Patriarch

Catching up with Luna Jubilee’s Color Challenge…again!   Here I am modelling a skirt by Katey Coppola’s  for her new venture Petticoat Lane. So many things have changed: there is a Harry Potter Roleplay sim, Glitterati is now also a clothing store (Petticoat Lane), and I have even seen some mesh clothing out there!  Wow, how things change.

The skirt comes with two different parts. The top layer has a really cute buttoned back.  The  skirt prim took me a bit to fit to my shape, and to be honest, since I was only shooting from the front, my bum was hanging out a little  in the back, but I wanted to get the shirt closer to my body.  I used a skirt alpha to adjust this later–this was not included in the packaging–I just used a different brand.

It is very cool to see a designer grow and do different things–matter of fact, it is pretty cool that I have been around long enough to see that transition.

Much love to you all! Have a sunny day.



Skin: [:TULI:] by Tuli Asturias Emma Fair

Hair: Fashionably Dead Crystal’s Yearbook Photo

Skirt: Petticoat Lane/Glitterati

Top: Ayla’s

Shoes: N-Core Coquette

Socks: Fri.day

Eyes: Fashism

Lashes: Mozz

Earrings: Lolapop by  Lola79 Hienrichs Purple Rain


One thought on “52 weeks Patriarch

  1. I think this is a difficult color to work with. The perspective from slightly above is wonderful and the simpleness really works. Cheers!

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