Bright Lights Big City

I got lost in NYC for over 2 weeks, and I loved every moment of it.  I went so many places-Natural History Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Top of the Rock, Ground Zero, Times Square, F.A.O Schwartz, Greenmarket at Union Square among many other places, even waiting for a couple hours to see Harry Potter.  It was actually pretty cool because even though my boyfriend was born and raised in NYC, he hadn’t been to many of these places (or not at all) in a long time.  I shopped and shopped some more.  I ate.  Oh wow, did I eat! My favorite place was a small restaurant called Cuba–and I had some yummy desert there–flan. Ugh, just remembering I ate flan makes me gain 5 lbs.

My boyfriend lives in Greenwich Village, so we spent a lot of time in his neighborhood where he showed me to all the places he goes on a regular basis.  I even went to the gym a lot (because my boyfriend didn’t want to neglect it for 2 weeks).   Nothing like running for an hour at the gym, then walking from Ground Zero all the way up Broadway to get back home, shopping the whole way–my legs hurt that day!  Century 21 Department store was awesome and very crowded.  I think there might have been more people there that spoke Italian, French, and Spanish than English!

NYC is an awesome place.  Expensive if you are doing all the touristy stuff especially.  We took a lot of taxis which just eats money like none other.  It costs 50 bucks to get to and from some places–I can see why the subway is essential–although we were lazy and on vacation so avoided them.

More importantly, I got to do the regular, daily stuff with my boyfriend I miss–going grocery shopping, making dinner together, and watching movies, taking our books to Washington Square Park to read, chat, and people watch.  I swear a hungry squirrel wanted to eat me. No joke.

Here were the obvious fashion trends in NYC: Shirt dresses and fedora hats.  You couldn’t walk a few yards without having a fedora in you face (at a market or trendy upscale store).  🙂 This trend seems to have already faded a bit in SL, but I am adding it here:

By the way, it was some of the hottest days in NYC–so the iced coffee–essential–everyone had one in hand!


Dress: Doppleganger

Necklace: Glow

Shoes: GField

Hair/Hat: Maitreya

Skin: Curio Chic Sundust

Purse: Indy & Co

Earrings: Zaara

* I believe some of the poses were LAP–but not sure about the rest…ugh…I hate I forget to log poses.  Grrr. But, Lap (Long Awkward Pose) is awesome!

All credits should be in Shopping List Page


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