Photoshop: Um, yeah

Okay, whether you agree with the use of Photoshop or not for SL pictures,  it is there and people use it.  I recently discovered Photoshop on my work laptop.  I was working on something day-job related, and paused when I saw it.  I will not question the need for me to have Photoshop for my RL job, but instead embrace it. LOL.  First, right now, after a week of using Photoshop, I will tell you, it adds at least an hour of editing–and that is if you are semi-good.  It could be more, and if you are realllly experienced, it could be less. But I will leave you with this before and after pic of me…to entice you to try if you do, indeed, have it as a tool.I hope one of these photos is more pleasing.  I hope.  The yellowish-peach background is the one I Photoshopped and the white is the original.

I like the photoshopped one.  Do I realize I have so many miles to go?  Um, yes.  I started using last weekend, but is Photoshop usable and can you do it? Yes!

How did I do this? Well, I searched around and found tutorials.  There are plenty of them, but the one that is great for SL users is Katey Coppola site on Youtube, also the owner of the pose shop Glitterati.  It is a great place to start, but I really enjoyed her walk-thrus and her British accent! 🙂

Here is a larger version of me! As I said, not perfect, when I go back, I see things…and I go into perfectionist mode. Is it worth it?  I think on a daily basis Photoshop could be used to just liquify and smudge, but anything more on a daily basis, it would drive this newbie nuts!  It is fun–at least for me–in doses!


Indy&Co: Marina Arm Tote: White

*RD Cabaret: Cabaret Corset Upper-with Bra Cups–I used because the top was sheer

Fashism “Sunrise” Eyes Pale Green ML

++AY.LinE++Hydrangea[[Charcoal/Head size 60–modifed

Ison-Odessa Pump (Beige) (not shown–but they were there!)

Curio ::GP: Sundust [Dark] Chic-Mode 2

*Baiastice_krajky-pink-dress *NEW*

Fri. Starry.Knit Stockings


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