Once More to the Lake

Okay, I managed to get my accessories all in order–but the rest of it still needs some work.  In doing the dreaded inventory cleaning, I realized I have tons of stuff.  Stuff that I have no idea what to do with.  Stuff that isn’t new, but hasn’t been  blogged.  Stuff that are my favorites and that I found again.  So this is not really a review, but just a simple what am I wearing today outfit. Nothing to see here, really, just I loved the back of this cardigan.  I am trying to work on my rule of thirds–I am clueless though, so the best way I can do this is with actually grids over the picture, so I like to crop in Picnik because it gives me the handy little grid tool to see how I am doing. Cajsa of the blog It’s Only Fashion  post this link on plurk to her article  on Shopping Cart Disco about what makes photography stand out to her, and I decided to do my best attempt using some of those tips. Always nice to get some hints from veteran bloggers!

The poses above are from Diesel Works.  Lately, I have been sooo bad on naming my poses in my credits.   I blame the Pose Anywhere Hud and the Tillie Hud–I just sift through and snap, snap, and I don’t even remember which pose I was using.  I believe Diesel Works is a bit more pricey than other places, but some of the angles are very friendly to outfits.  I also like the smooth transition so I don’t get whiplash. Pay attention to the changes in the poses.  Sometimes the changes will be subtle–like a small movement of your feet in a different direction.  But, it could be the change you need to make that picture just right.

Lastly, I found this belt I alll but forgot about–but I am so glad I did find it.  It by Pepper.  It has a re-size menu, but more importantly, it has every color you could possibly want to match your outfit.  I think a great addition to your wardrobe closet, and one you will use often (if you don’t lose it in a sea of items like I did).


Curio: GP: Sundust [Dark] Chic Mode 1

[AddiCt] Nora Jean Shorts Sea

[Gos] Espadrilles in Sand

B & B (Black and Blue Outfitters) Cardigan Mint

Jane-layering tee.bl tuquoise

!lamb. Isolation- Ink

Dark Mouse Statement Ring- Brilliance (Left)

Dark Mouse Statement Ring-Chocolates (Right)

Undefined Lilies-birdielicious (silver/wine)

~Pepper~ Color Me Belt

Le Poppycock *Spring sac* Blooms exploding-plucked

Location: Lost World by Iolmac Shan, Bequile

Pose: Diesel Works Daisy/ and Julie


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