Sweet Jane, sweet Jane

Accessories are diva.  They put you over the top.  You can have this outfit above: shorts and jean shorts, and then you put on a necklace, and you can just sit in amazement at the transformation taking place.  This is what I love about SL.  Somebody asked  me what do you do in SL.  I create.  I put together something that makes me smile.  I remember way back to an Art class I took in high school (nearly 15 years ago), and I remember that feeling I got when I made something I was proud of-SL gives me that satisfaction every time I log in and decide what will I wear today.

LaGyo is one of those brands that always seems to finish an outfit.  Yes, it can be all “diva” and for the “fashionista,” but I think it is for me too.  The jane who just wants to play in a tank top and jean shorts.


LaGyo_Kai necklace by by Gyorgyna Larnia

Skin: Dutch Touch RooS

Shorts: Addict

Top: Boom

Hair: Exile Hollie

(osakki) Leather Snakeskin Belt; [ Black ]


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