My Story: Who is Sophee Mojo?


I have done some soul searching.  Yes, I know, silly–but I am trying to be more verbal–put my feelings in my blog. But, I feel you need to know me first.  *Waves* What? You mean you need more than a casual wave to know me? Okay, well where do I begin–I will start with how I got here.

A bit ago (3 years ago if counting), my heart was shattered i.e. someone came in and took it out of my chest and walked away. In reality, I came home one day and found my significant other putting his shoes in a bag–I immediately identified this as, um, something is wrong and inquired.  To my dismay, after 2 years, my fairy tale ended.  It shook me to my very core.  As any reasonable 29 year old woman scorned, I took his phone to the bathroom, and sifted through its contents.  And I found it.  A girl. The other girl. It was something about the bagel she just got for breakfast, but I saw in front of me another relationship blooming while mine desinigrated in my hands.

After a month of sleeping and not eating, I tried to mingle with people in real life.  I did a bit of online gaming. I played Lord of the Rings Online–and that is where Sophee was born. I wanted to be anywhere, but my real life.  Months passed, friends had that look in their eye, the one where you know they think you should be all healed, but you are not. You can’t talk about it anymore because it is in the past–gone and done.  I dated. I played a part in their world, but I came home, and I was someone entirely different–the woman I wanted to be–confident, humorous, and loveable–Sophee.  So, a break-up is what sent me to an online game.

Soon my sea shifted, and I did find someone new.  I was brought to a port, and at its dock was Miguel.  We talked. We laughed into the morning.  And soon, what I wanted to be–happened–I was back to being happy–2 years and a very dark road later.  I had never met such a passionate man before, and he found a way of letting me be okay with being me.

He brought me into SL, and I took his last name–Mojo.   While our relationship still continues in the real world, our SL one diminished, as he didn’t have the means to play. But, it brought me to this place. I have no idea the path I am on, but I have to think I am here for some reason. Below is one of the few snapshots I got of both of us when we started SL around 6 months ago (cringes but loves it all the same):

And, alas, Sophee Mojo was born.

*Credits* –for portrait

LaGyo Jewelry
[LeLutka]-NICOLE hair/Dark Brunette
Whippet & Buck – TRUTH District Opening Gift
Doppelganger Inc.
:Curio: Airhead


3 thoughts on “My Story: Who is Sophee Mojo?

  1. Thank you for sharing your story Sophee. It is not easy to paint the true picture of our SLives or RLives when it is not sunshine and roses. But reality is so raw and you painted your portrait so well. Thank you for sharing with us and letting us know more of you who I for one had already found quite intriguing.

  2. Chance, thanks so much for responding. It is difficult to do a blog about me and be hip, current, and a “fashionista” as I call it without a bit of personal commentary every now and again. I am new to SL and I just want to find my place here. I feel a bit of honesty about who is behind Sophee needs to happen a tiny bit.

  3. Wow, Sophee! I’m almost at a loss for words because of the honesty of your post. It can be very hard to be that honest this publicly, but I truly commend you for doing so. I love that you shared that we can recover from devastating events. And even more, that it’s — not just okay, but — good, to be honest and let people see who you really are. And you, Sophee, are truly beautiful, inside and out.

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