I got lost.  Um, how did I get into this dark alleyway? Well, darn it.  Hmmm. I guess I need to find my way out of here.  But you know, this alleyway seems kinda safe compared to the drama I have seen go down elsewhere.  Maybe I will just hang out here.

Click. Click. Those are my shoes–walking away.  I think I see a light at the end of this dark alleyway–or did someone just punch me?

On a side note, for some reason I did not really want to go back in and search for the credits for this outfit. Hmmmm.  I even did laundry and cleaned instead.  I think it was the hair–i.e. I couldn’t remember which it was and had to dive into all those hair fair purchases to find it. Also Google+ looks very tempting.  I just managed to get used to plurk and all.  I don’t have an account yet. I do everything late.


Dark Mouse Jewelry
Melia Purse
Exile Glory
-LaViere- Short Puffy Caridgan (Black)
~*INDIE ROSE*~ Cocktail Dress {Vintage Rose}


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