Inspire Challenge: Ocean Wade

Okay, I had to think for a bit about this: Who inspires me?  Who has an influence on what I do? I mean that, to me, is a huge honor, and many come to mind, but one really stands out: Ocean Wade.

Why?  Have you read her blog?  I mean, not just randomly looked at her pictures, but actually read what she says.  She is so inspiring. The way in which she weaves words to talk about Second Life makes me so proud to be apart of this community.  Being from the awkward species, I relish being able to talk to you with such ease as Ocean Wade talks to her audience.  She gives the audience a glimpse into her world with pictures and with her words.  I can only dream of being so eloquent (and on top of  upcoming fashion as well).  A while back, I was  lost as a blogger.  I mean, it was a huge step starting this thing with little experience in SL.  I started just posting pictures with credits–seemingly defeated.  And then, the clouds parted and Ocean came to me (on plurk, yes plurk): she mentioned something about how she had to be able to give her blog her voice–despite what anyone else says.  I had started just posting pictures because I was so damn scared of what this community would see in me, but I made a pledge to myself to not just post pictures, but to leave a bit of me in my commentary as well.  If you don’t read it, oh well, but if you do–you might understand me a bit more or think I am crazy, but either way, if I can be a bit of Ocean Wade in my way–I will be happy.

She has no clue I wrote this because I am that shy–but let it be known–my inspiration–Ocean Wade.  As I was going back through her blog to find a picture to use, I randomly clicked on her About page– this picture is perfect–and just as I see Ocean behind her computer presenting her images and words to our community honestly.

Edit:  I must of got caught up in inspiration, and totally forgot to give credit to Harlow Heslop for starting the inspire challenge.  I suck. Complete blog fail.  You can find out about the challenge on her blog. My apologies to the beautiful and so sweet Harlow!


3 thoughts on “Inspire Challenge: Ocean Wade

  1. This is really fantastic! I’m so glad to see you participated in the challenge! I know you mentioned you are really proud of it and that makes me smile like crazy! ❤

    1. Yay, glad you like it! I love your blog! I am actually trying to get back into blogging more–I was OTT for over 2 weeks in NYC, but I feel so lost. I always feel that way after a break from SL. I know where to go to find inspiration! 😉

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