36 of 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Celadon

Well, I thought that when I had some more time I would find this whole challenge a bit easier, but it just left with me with more time to shop and think, which just doesn’t work for me.  After buying every light green/mint color out there, I still could not figure out what I wanted to do with all these purchases.  So, I decided on a very popular dress–I have seen it all over the feeds, from Grixdale.  The dress is beautiful–little ruffles on top, cute print, and about as celadon as I could find, but there are a bunch of yummy colors to pick.

I needed a magical place to go to–and that is when I read Luna’s post about Karazhan. It was dreamy.   The place is gorgeous, and I hope to see a bunch of photos taken there.   So, I went on snapping my pictures and doing my best vogue attempts, and I was quite happy with some of the results.

So, thank you Luna for not only providing me clothes, accessories, and all my daily fashion needs and inspiration, but also giving me a new place! It is much appreciated!

How can you keep up with Grixdale by Tyr Rozenblum?  If away from your computer, you can find Grixdale on the marketplace.  You can also make them a contact on flickr.

If you are in-world, you can find them at their main store.  And finally, they also can be found at Truth District if you are looking to do some window shopping along with your Grixdale stop.


Skin: Curio Chic

Shoes: GOS/ Marketplace

Purse: Pesca

Hair: Jane by Raspberry Aristocrat @ Hair Fair

Bangles: Mood/ Marketplace

Necklace: Undefined Lilies/ Marketplace

Earrings: Donna Flora/ Marketplace

Eyelash layer: Mozz/ Marketplace

Eyes: Fashism/ Marketplace

Location:  Karazhan


9 thoughts on “36 of 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Celadon

  1. Adorable!! I used a dress from Grixdale as well. I love the hair from Raspberry Aristocrat!! I almost bought it at HF and then decided on the other pigtail version they had.

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