Electric Blue

I really love this hair style from SLink.  Textures are just AMazing. Also,  Absolution is closing and also having a closing sale.  It was one of the first stores I found when I started SL 6 months ago.  I went on a rampage through the store–the delivery of some of my items was doing weird stuff, and I purchased some items, but never got them–blah.  I am not going to fuss about it.  All the items in the store were only 60L.  I am sad to see Absolution go.


Shirt: Absolution

Hair: SLink

Skin: Curio

Eyes: Fashism

Eyeliner: Boom

Skirt: Petunia

Bracelets: Dark Mouse

Earrings: Glow

Visit Shopping List above for Surls


2 thoughts on “Electric Blue

    1. Yes, I was so surprised..I kept thinking…I can’t be buying hair…I can’t, but I am. I loved it. The skirt has been sitting in my inventory for a bit–glad the challenge gave me an excuse to blog it! All my stuff gets lost in my inventory.

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