Haut Monde

With the impeding and continuous closing of many stores, it is always relieving to see the fashion community still bringing in new designers.  Teresa Republic is one of the new designers that just opened Haut Monde in June.   I purchased a dress, shoes, and jacket from there a bit ago, and I was having a creative block, so I put off blogging until now.  I really do love this outfit.  I hadn’t planned on getting a bunch of stuff, but she had so many cute and detailed items I wanted to to try.

Very cute! I had to modify the bottom of the dress a bit to fit my shape, but I did like that it came with an alpha layer to cover up the butt, etc.  And, I soooooo love the jacket.   I hope I did these clothes justice because they truly are amazing.    This is such a great start, and I can’t wait to see more from Teresa Republic at Haut Monde.

You can find Haut Monde inworld here.

If you are curious, and can’t be inworld, try her marketplace items here: Haut Monde Marketplace Shop. A wide array of items.

Also, Teresa Republic just launched her very own website. She just completed a round of hair fair pics that were ohhhh so helpful! If you are curious in seeing all the demos, then go sneak a peek.


Clothing and shoes: Haut Monde

Jewellry: Dark Mouse

Hair: [e] Follow

Lipstick: Rozena

Eyelashes: Redgrave

Eyes: Fashism

Skin: Glam Affair Monica

Eye Makeup: Bellballs

Location: Majesterium


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