Goodies Galore: The Community Thrift and Trade Event

Randomly I received a rhino pet from a friend.  I mean this is bound to spark a conversation, right?  Did you mean to give me a rhino?  Was this a slip up?  But, it was not.  It was Swan Ling passing off a gacha item to me.  Then she told me about a day event only happening on Friday July 1st–The Community Thrift and Trade Event.  Well, I know me if I didn’t go right away, then I would forget and miss it, so off I went.  They had tons of cute items from Rozena, Boom, Illusory, and on and on and on; the goodness just didn’t stop.  And, you know how gacha events go–you spend 30L to 50L until you realize all your money has gone bye-bye.  But, I have to say it was sooo worth it.  So, please go attend The Community Thrift and Trade Event.

Here is a sample of some of the items I got while I was there. I got a pea pod, blue eye shadow, guitar, top, shorts, and shoes–and that is all that works with this photo. I guess I could have tried to fit in the floatie, but I thought that might be too much. 😉  The bracelet is from a whole different gacha event that is happening right now (I have an addiction).  I would have to say the shoes are my most favorite thing I purchased–so detailed.  They are from Argyle Anonymous and they are made by none other than Swan Ling.  She also made the top and short which are just as cute. Um, the back of the shirt is adorable, and I debated using the guitar, but I had to try to fit all the pieces together!  I feel like I need to go sit on the dock of a bay and play my guitar while the sunsets.

I stayed up way too late!


Skin: Glam Affair

Hair: [e] follow

Pose: !bang

Bracelet: HPMD* at RandoMuseum

Items from The Community Thrift and Trade Event:

Shorts, Top and Shoes: Argyle Anonymous

Guitar: UFO

Eyeshadow: (Ag) Totally 80s Blue Major

Lipgloss: Rozena

Pea pod: Illusory


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