CoCo Designs-Simple and Bluetiful

Well, this is just a quickie.  I hope you enjoy.  I do love this dress from CoCo Designs.  Cute print, flowers, and style wrapped up into one nice package.  If you haven’t stopped by to pick this one up, then you must be heading there right now. Um, also I have been playing around with different windlight settings, so I was kinda unsure about this one.   I really liked the blue, but thought maybe it might be too bright-like put your sunglasses on…eek.  However, I do think it showed off the embroidery done on that top part well.

ohhh, and thanks to Ocean Wade for posting this dress.  What would I do without my blogroll? You guys keep me in the loop!

Dress: Coco

Hair: [e]

Skin: Curio



One thought on “CoCo Designs-Simple and Bluetiful

  1. Awwww…dear Sophee! Thanks for the shout out and I must say, you wear that dress beautifully! Fabulous picture!

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