Fishy Strawberry

Fishy Strawberry just released some more goodys.  I love that store to pieces.  It is always sooo hard to pick just one item (and, in all honesty, sometimes I do go a little shoppy happy there).  This time around I was mesmerized by this dress.  The satin texture, the print, the fit , and the details all made me stand in awe. There are other color combinations in the print above or you could go with a variety of solid colors.

I really wanted a stole of some sort to wear with it, so I meandered around for a while, and found this cute little jacket that reminded me of a stole, so I went for it.  It actually comes with a hood and hair, and maybe those options could work for another outfit, but I had my Clawtooth favorite hair on standby for this outfit already.  I will be honest here (so sorry), I really wasn’t a fan of some of the hair options.  Cool idea but the hair didn’t come close to the other textures that can be found–good, but just not great.  It could be that I just didn’t like the blonde shades offered (it is that really brassy yellow, and that always puts me off).  That being said, it is completely modifiable.  You can wear the hood without hair, or as I did, without even the hood, and it really is cute! So cute!  The buttons on the jacket also change color with a click of a button.


Dress: Fishy Strawberry

Jacket: BP/Bettie Page

Bracelets: Dark Mouse

Earrings: (a freebie with no identifying material–but they matched)

Skin: Curio

Shoes: Ingenue

Bag: La Blaq from TFG

Eyelashes: Mozz

Hair: Clawtooth

PS: Here is an additional shot of the jacket with hair



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