I sometimes love being semi-new (6 months) around the block here because I get to go through giddiness when I discover something new to me, which happens quite a bit.  I often am so hesitate about what I blog because of this fact too–who really wants to see a super cute item from last year?–but I have come to terms with this, and if I really like it–I blog it.  Why not?  So, I just discovered BP*, which surprisingly was kinda hard to find (their main store that is).  I think the real name is Blow Pop, but I had originally thought it was named after the creator Bettie Page.  Either or, it seems most of their advertisements refer to the store as BP*, and if you have been to the Cupcake Sim, then I am sure you have run into a small showing of their releases.

So why the attraction to this old store that rarely gets much mention anymore?  Well, the only obvious reason why we don’t hear about the is that either everyone has already purchased and showcased their awesome designs or they haven’t released that many new items, and in this world *new* seems to make people drool heavily.   BP* also closed for a brief period of time.  The attraction to the items is simple: originality, well made, versatility, detail, and scope.  The store has it all from clothing to cute little accessories for the home.

More importantly, Bettie has a few newly released items as of June 25, 2011.  So, if you haven’t been back to BP in awhile go to their main store quickly and take a peek again–rediscovery can be just as good as the first time!


All clothing apparel: BP* (cardigan is NEW)

Sketchpads: BP*

Hair: [e] Horizon

Glasses: LEO-NT gacha (woody)

Pencil: FaCts

Skin: Curio


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