Catching Up: 52 Weeks Mauve

I am back from my week long vacation to Florida, and while I had tons of fun in the sun and water,  I need some “me” time after spending so much time in a condo with 11 other members of my family.  I got to swim around with dolphins (apparently my sister said the photos with the underwater camera were horrible), snorkel for seashells, play in the pool with my nieces (ages 2 and 6 in August), and catch up on some reading poolside in the sun.  Florida did however give me an ear infection (aka swimmers ear), and oh my, I can’t wait for the antibiotics to kick in because my ear hurttts, itches, and everything sounds funny, even the water sound swishing around in my ear.  The doctor said the inside of my ear is as red as a stop sign.

Other than the above, I have been trying to get back into Second Life, so I decided to catch up on my 52 weeks postings.  I missed Mauve this week.  I told Juniper Ellisson about my quest for mauve and she took me to Pig.  I had never been and was pleasantly surprised by the outfits, and would you know, they had a cute little jumpsuit in mauve (or close to that shade). The  items at Pig are versatile and great options to pair with other accessories or pieces of clothing, especially because of the price. It looks as if nothing new has come from the designer in the past few months, but I wouldn’t hesitate to swing by the store to see what they have to offer. There just might be a piece there that will make your outfit perfect.

Top/Bottom: Pig “Heather Goes Hunting Opaline”

Socks: Mocha

Shoes: Pixel Mode

Hair: Exile

Skin: Laq

Necklace: Yummy

Fanny Pack: Yummy

Earrings: Dark Mouse


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