Florida Here I Come! and 52 weeks sorta close, maybe Mahogany

I didn’t have the usual amount of time to go shopping in SL because I was too busy preparing for a vacay to Florida! But, I didn’t want to get behind, because I know me, and I would never catch up.  And since I won’t have a computer on the beach, I decided to rush to pack, and put this color up ASAP!

So, yeah, I went to the more pink/red combination with little hints of orange, but I swear if you put this outfit in a blender (or is wood chipper more appropriate?), you would have to get mahogany. At least, in my own twisted mind, you would!  (disclaimer: putting clothes in a blender  or wood chipper may actually harm the clothes).

C’est la Vie is quickly becoming a place I shop  frequently. Why?  Well, besides being super cute and well made, they are also current–always putting out new items. As much as I like Gap, I wouldn’t pay money for Gap circa 2009 (at least not full price), so I get really excited for *New* items–like real new items, not just something put on sale to seem new.  I think that was one of the first signs of my shopping addiction problem in SL. AHHHHHH.

But, being new to this world, I still will buy super cute no matter how old depending on price.   Maybe it also has to do with how new I am to this virtual world and to blogging.  Who wants to look at a dress from 2009 on a blog?  Do you? Or do even care about how current your outfit is?  I have plenty of old items that I use to display newer items, but the age of a piece, for me, plays an important role in my purchasing habits.  *That being said–if it is a pose, hair, or jewelry, or even shoes  to a point for some reason I don’t care; this strictly is about clothes* Which makes me bow in appreciation to clothing stores in SL because I am sure they probably feel overwhelmed at times–the urge to fill the consumers belly with new items would drive me insane!

I guess this whole concept of new has just grasped me.  The idea of twitter, facebook, any news website–You log on tomorrow and today is old.  It doesn’t mean the news, facebook message or twitter is of any less importance, but it has passed, and I have a heck of a lot of back pedaling to find that old info, so instead I focus on what is in front of me–maybe missing the old along the way.  Is that bad?


Skin: LAQ Mini

Pants: C’est La Vie

Shirt/Gown: C’est La Vie

Shirt: (Priss) I think this unavailable until she finds another store.

Shoes: SLink

Hair: Lelutka

Bracelet: Earthstones







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