Mini: A Natural Beauty

Okay, after wearing the Laqroki’s new demo skin around for days and wondering to myself buy or don’t buy, I finally crossed the bridge to buy.  I did so after photographing myself in a few different outfits with the new skin, and I loved the way it photographed.  It was marvelous.  I am horrible at really close up shots (see below), but I still think that you can see the eyebrows add a different overall look than skins of the past.

Depending how you have your eyebrow base set when you try on the new skin, you could be in for a set of shock because the eyebrows are much more “untamed” than the usually plucked and perfect brows we have grown used to wearing, but with a little tweaking, I think you will add up falling in love with the overall skin.  I tried the eyebrows available at LAQ, but something was off with the tones, and it didn’t match the overall feel of the rest of the face, so if you are thinking of going that route beware.  I am sure if you are a photoshop user you could easily make the plucked version work with a bit of magic.

I hope LAQ offers some new eyebrow tattoos that will work with this skin because while  it is quite beautiful, different, and striking, I think some might have issues with the “new” look. In a sea of similarity, it is a venture I wasn’t foreseeing by LAQ, but I welcome with open arms.  We need different faces.

Also of note, I found that a bigger eye looks much better with the eyebrows than a smaller eye.  It could be my own personal taste, but I made the eye a bit larger, and I really think it added to the look of the skin, and it made it pop even more.


Skin: Laqroki – Mini (Peach) 01
Hair: LeLutka Rykiel BlondFun
Necklace/Earrings: Dark Mouse/Waves & Sun
Sweater: LeLutka –Flow Cardigan/Ink
Outfit: LeLutka – Jump Suit/Smooth
Shoes: LeLutka KIA/Raw


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