The Tourist

I made my rounds through the Ch1C Limited event, and while I walked away with bunches of stuff, I decided to show off this dress by [District].  It is cute.  I really liked the pattern on it, and it  inspired me to come up with an outfit and location.  I paired it with the new SLink shoes, which are adorable, and as always they have to have the easiest HUD out there.   My hair is also from the Ch1C Limited event from Vive 9.  I wore it immediately, and within 15 minutes got two IMs from folks saying they loved my hair!  I always say if an item prompts somebody to stop and IM you, then you know it is a keeper.

There seems to be lots of good stuff out there, so make sure to support the businesses.  We have a lot of great talent out there, and despite the thought these people make tons of money, I have heard much more of their time goes into these creations than anyone could imagine, and they walk away with only change in their pockets. Many creators do this because they love it.  I am all for supporting creativity.    Go shopping!

Sidenote: I have been playing around with editing my photos just for me, so some aspects are a bit more “shopped” then usual.  Of course, I realize you aren’t blind, but lol, I wanted to let you know I know. I have improvements to  make for sure! I am sooo horrible at close up shots.  Grrrr.  I will conquer you yet!


Skin: Lara Hurley Claire

Dress: [District] for CH1C Event  *New*

Hair: Vive 9 Elsa for CH1C Event *New*

Shoes: SLink Lulu *New*

Shirt: Aoharu

Jewelry: all by Mood–earrings, necklace, bracelets /Fallen Tears & Poipu Paua *New*


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