The Wicked Woman

I had the pleasure of company on my shopping spree this week thankfully. Juniper Ellisson, who is back from a hiatus from SL, cordially showed me around two different events: The ALBERO Spring Gatcha Festival and The Happy When it Rains Event.  The outing started out because of a conversation about   .:La Malvada Mujer:..  We both agreed that they had such fun make-up, but my only experience was the set I found at The Fashion Garret, so off I went to discover the main store in its entirety.  Upon entering, I found that the items seem to cater to the funky and high fashion crowd (with a few very unique pieces).

I had bought this dress from PurpleMoon Creations (from their more casual line called Boho House) after seeing it publicized on Harlow Heslop’s plurk for 55L (apparently this store offers an item like this all the time–great find), and I knew I needed some goldish make-up to accentuate the dress.

I found a set perfect called Cinema Muto (Set 1).  First, I love that the set comes with both a lip and eye make-up separately, and then they combine them as well.  This is so nice if you want to mix and match your favorite make-ups.  I also like how the make-up really plays up the eyes.  Subtle make-up is fine when you are going for that fresh look, but this make-up makes a statement.  It is a really nice addition to anybody wanting to stand out in the crowd, play up their eyes, or adjust their look a tad.  I ended up using the eye-make up only, but only because I grew up in the generation if you have a heavy eye, then you do a glossy neutral lip, and their sets are very pronounced.

The second item, probably less noticed in the photos, is the tintable brows offered at The Happy When it Rains Event. This gives everyone the chance to get those matchy-matchy eyebrows that you always wanted.  I haven’t yet tried it on blonde hair (my apologizes–I know that most people have the most issue with blond eyebrows), but I think I got a close enough match to my hair in this particular photo.  The price was so affordable, and it really adds a level of ease and avoids that sense of frustration when you get skin you love, but you can’t wear certain hair colors because of the eyebrow.

So, if you are wanting something different, something fun, or something unique, then stop by .:La Malvada Mujer:… You can also check out poses, tattoos, hats, glasses, and many other items that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Edit: I tried the eyebrows on a different skin and attempted to re-tint them blonde, but then the eyebrow underneath showed through a bit.  Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this with the tintable eyebrows, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


Skin: Adam and Eve//Astrelle

Hair: Elikatira//Wish

Lips: Natural Beauty// Set 6 Lipstick 8

Earrings: Bellballs//Cres[c]ent Earrings

Necklace: Mood// Diamond Duel

Dress and shoes: PurpleMoon Creations// Daisy Gown in Brown

Eye-Makeup: .:La Malvada Mujer:// Cinema Muto Set 1

Poses: Glitterati


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