What is better to go with shoes than a To Kill A Mockingbird quote!  I love that book to pieces.   But, it got me thinking about how often I forget to see the world from other perspectives.  Second Life® allows people to do this endlessly if you are open to it. It is easy to find information that supports your perspective, but how often do we search for opinions and thoughts outside of our own.  Generally, we evolve because we collaborate or collude together.  It makes us a bit more special than the average mammal.  Our ability to grow from one another is endless, but if we are so hell bent on being right or seeing from our side, then we may miss this evolution.  I  am blessed to have a group of friends that endlessly show me the prism of thoughts that cycle through the world.

And yes, those shoes…they make me squeal every single time I put them on! Thank you Lelutka!


Shoes: Lelutka K.I.A Raw *new*

Dress: *Airflow* Night safari Type-A

Vest: *Airflow* Down Vest

Hair: Dernier Cry Taylor

Lipstick: L.Fauna

Skin: Myuglydorothy Ari


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