Airflow and Bellballs

Two things before I run away to do some more RL thingys! I probably will throw more stuff at you though.  First, I found Airflow! I was doing a random search and stumbled upon the store, and boy, was I delighted.  Craftsmanship of clothing is excellent, style excellent, versatility of items excellent–and so many other things that just make me wanna hug someone…*YOU, come here, let me give YOU a hug!* And, they also offer a great menswear store as well! I know the men out there are always trying to find stores in a female dominated clothing world!

I chose a flowing dress called Firefly, with delicate looking lace and peek-a-boo orange holes flickered around.  The detailing of this dress was so awesome, but in some of the other items, along with this dress, I found versatility.  They offer three sets of jean options–boot leg, skinny leg, and capri length all a very reasonable price (considering you are getting 3 pairs of jeans).  The dress I am wearing is very easily modified into a shirt.  A jacket I purchased as well could be turned into a vest.

Second on my list is the new store location of Bellballs.  They have done a fantastic job creating an atmosphere around their store.  I just immediately wanted to run around with my camera and capture shots of me playing! I did purchase some items that will show up later, but I was just so in awe of my surroundings I had to share!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, on a side note, I really am loving my L.Fauna skin.  Uhhhh, I feel horrible I didn’t realize they offered skins, not just make-up (doh).  I will switch my skin, then immediately put my L.Fauna back on because I just keep  checking myself out!  You know you do it tooooo! No Judging!


Skin: L.Fauna

Dress: Airflow

Lipstick: L.Fauna

Hair: [e]mood

Shoes: G-Field

Necklace: Mood-Infinity Platinum /Jori Watler – Creator/Owner

Ring: Donna Flora

Poses: Gitterati

Location: Bellballs

Update: Links added! And sorry if I butchered names before, I was rushed! 🙂


One thought on “Airflow and Bellballs

  1. Back from an excursion to Airflow. New Jeans Woot! How about a link to Bellballs? The swing picture is my fav! Will gladly accept hug. *What? I have to let go? Okay.* Goes back to pouting. Great pics!

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