Living Reflections from A Dream

Here we are again, 26 of 52 weeks of color: tangerine.  The dress I decided to show was a from Elemiah Designs.  I fell in love with the print, and the fringe all at once, and it was in tangerine! Jackpot! All I needed to do was throw on anything else that had an orange glow, and I was ready to go!

Dress: Elemiah Design Spring12
Shoes: Pixel Mode Moss
Earrings: Glow TDR Paradise
Skin: Glam Affair TDR Nina V-day
Lipstick: Rozena Simple Orange
Hair: Dark Mouse Alex {and free I believe}!
Pose: Le Poppycock “Like Candy that Rots your Teeth”

11 thoughts on “Living Reflections from A Dream

  1. Thanks! You all made my day! Considering the picture is black for me! 😦 what is that all about? I click on it to edit…picture there…I click on it in the blog and it is there, but not on actual blog…just blackness. Um. *talks softly to blog: “come on blog, show pictures to me, pretty please.*

  2. I still love this dress, you styled it fantastically and the street reminds me of an alley in San Fran’s Chinatown almost.. awweeesooommmeeeeeee 🙂

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