Closing Time

Has anyone else noticed the numerous closings around SL?  It seems that stores are packing their bags regretfully of course.  Maybe we secretly all knew it was coming, but as I wondered around a shopping mall today, I noticed a number of open spaces.  I haven’t been around long enough to see the cycle go round.  I am sure stores close all the time, but I still just get this sadness whenever I hear any store has to close their doors, especially because I am so new to this world.

I usually ignore a lot of feeds.  I mean, they kinda go off every second or so, so I have a habit of x-ing them out before I even read them (which I have regretted on so many occasions).  I am always looking for a store that is new to me, which a lot of stores are, but today I saw that a store named Aqua was closing.  I decided to take a peek.  I found this adorable dress for 25 linden.

Dress: AQUA – Parisienne Rhedd – Paisley

Skin: Lara Hurley Claire

Necklace: Glow

Earrings: WDB

Hair: [e] Melody

Makeup: LPD

Pose: Olive Juice


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