Oh hell, I have no clue,



Uh…I have been absent.  I have been on a mission–to find periwinkle. Ummm, I don’t think I really succeeded, so I rather show you an evolution of a week’s worth of blue-violet gathering.  I guess you can decide which one is more periwinkle for your own taste, but after not bloggin’ for a few days, I had to have some excuse, right?

OH MY GOD, how many credits do I have to go thru…*cries*. But, I kinda relish in the fact I am a bit of a newb…something to fall back on right…nudge…hehe!   Well, if I failed, I failed splendidly, which is how I think it is supposed to be done.  And if all of you have some suggestions on places to go, I would love them, um, after 3 months in SL, I think I have seen the inside of many stores, but what else do you recommend?  I have to think there is something besides fashion out there *gasps*?  *Ignore I said that last part, but slip the piece of paper under the door.*

Photo #1

Skin: The skinnery

Hair: Truth

Jewelry: Donna Flora

Dress: Donna Flora

Le Poppycock:

Photo #2

Hair: Shag

Skin: LAQ

Pants: Bliss Couture [Chic Boutique]

White Shirt: Jane

Jewelry: Dark Mouse

Floral Shirt: ::C’est la vie !

Photo #3

Dress: C’est Moi!

Leggins: Atomic

Hair: Atomic

Shoes: YS&YS (TDR, and not really shown)

Skin: LAQ

Jewelry: Donna Flora

Pose: adorkable


10 thoughts on “Oh hell, I have no clue,

  1. Sophiee {HUGGS} your so dang cute! LOL.
    Your post is real as it can get, it made me smile.
    Everyone of your pix meets the periwinkle criteria.

  2. The title alone made me chuckle and nod a lot. That’s so me most of the time when trying to figure out if the colour is what it’s supposed to be or not!

    My favorite is the second picture, the composition there is wonderful. There’s melancholia and hopeful spring feel within it.

  3. All your comments are so appreciated…when I took this challenge–I thought cool! fun!…and then I get the new color and I get all focused and determined to make it better than the last one…this time around–just couldn’t pick one–although I do refrain from flooding the flickr group with them all…lol. Thank You!

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